Mandalas of Light ~ Sunday February 27th ~ 10AM to 1PM


About the method: Mandalas of Light is a very gentle, yet powerful healing technique, combining the vibration of numbers, colors and patterns to activate DNA, heal or manifest. The method was downloaded through Ursula Irggang, a German spiritual explorer, after she had a few initiation trips to Tibet, Peru and Bolivia and worked for 7 years with the Fibonacci Sequence, also called the numeric code of life. Mandalas of Light work on DNA level, bringing up to the surface blockages or activating gifts. Once you learn this method you can apply it on yourself to heal or manifest whatever your heart desires.

Mandalas of Light helped her go through a very difficult time in her life and this unique healing technique helped her connect with the magic of numbers and the vibration of colors. So far she created hundreds of mandalas, by herself or in groups.

Channeled message about the Mandalas, through William Brown:

“It is through the beauty of what has been created, the vibration that is infused. The process. You believe that it is a physical process of aligning numbers with colors and aligning it in a beautiful pattern that lays before your eyes in which you, then, gaze into it. But what we all ask you to begin to see… Though what lies before you is two-dimensional, what we ask you to begin to see is the dimensional planes that are in that image–the depth of what is presented there in front of you. For when you begin to see the depth, you will see a portal. A gateway. An entry point. This can be used for quick entry into a specific zone. During your meditation, during your quiet points, observe the depth. Understand the portal and allow yourself to slip through, instantaneously, into that location. That is the understanding to have with what is created. For when the numbers align, and the colors align, and the image lays in front of you, they are purposefully built in a manner in which there is depth to the entire image. But it is a process to align your vision with the image.”

Things you need for the class:

  • graph paper with at least 28 rows on the page
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • sharpener
  • colored pencils in the following colors- red, dark blue, light green, yellow, light blue, turquoise, pink, orange, purple.

Meet Your Facilitator:

Maria Fink is a blue ray feline Sirian starseed that uses her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others. Her favorite healing tool is Yanna Healing, a method she developed after years of studying and trying different types of therapy to improve her life. She started speaking Light Language in the beginning of 2020 and now she is working with a group of divine beings called The Hathors, which help her assist people in their physical, mental and emotional healing.

Choose how you would like to attend this wonderful class.

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