Our Awakening Stories: Collaborative Book Project

Welcome! We are excited to have you on board for this fantastic opportunity—for you and those you serve.

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. Humanity is evolving; people are awakening. They need YOU! Humanity needs to hear your story. They need to know they are not alone, that they are not crazy. Awakening stories come in all shapes and sizes. The variety of experiences presented in this anthology will help others navigate their own journey of awakening.

Although we all have an awakening story, we often don’t take the time to truly reflect upon the steps we took and the healing components that comprised our journey. We may not have thought about how far we’ve actually come…how different our life is now…how strong we are as a result of that process. Taking the time to reflect upon our journey, integrate the pieces, and compile it all into one succinct story can help us more effectively share it with others, to be of even greater service.

The investment in this project is $700. Why do we call it an investment? First and foremost, becoming an author provides you with added legitimacy and professionalism as you continue your mission of healing and serving. You are an expert in your field and you have something valuable to share with others! You will now have a permanent piece of YOU—your story, your journey—to offer to your contacts, potential clients, and those you meet along your path. Becoming a published author will also open doors to podcasts, interviews, articles, collaborations, and more!

Your book will not only provide you with additional clout, however. You will also benefit from an added revenue stream. Authors may purchase author copies at cost (plus shipping), typically between $5-6.00 for a $22 book. As you travel to shows and events, you can sell your signed copies at retail cost and pocket the difference.

You DO NOT have to have previous writing experience to participate! You don’t have to be an English major! We will walk you confidently through each step. A professional editor will ensure that each chapter is polished, putting each author in the best possible light.

In a collaborative project, everyone benefits by leveraging the group dynamic. There will be 25 authors promoting and selling this book within their circles. That means more Amazon reviews, more exposure for each author, and a larger potential client base. The ultimate goal of this anthology, however, is assisting people along their awakening journey. This book—your words—will help to guide humanity into the NEW EARTH!

What you will receive with your investment:

  • Residual income based on personal book sales
  • Additional exposure and increased potential client base
  • Outstanding interior and cover design
  • Professional writing and editing assistance
  • Project management from an experienced publisher
  • A professional publication that makes you shine
  • The self-satisfaction of assisting in humanity’s evolution

As your publishers, we are thrilled to work with each of you and honored that you felt called to this project.

Will and Allison Brown, Palm and Lotus Publishing

Our Awakening Stories: Collaborative Book Project

2024 Timeline

Dates Milestones
Now – May 31 Secure authors
June 2 (4pm ET) Zoom call for all authors
June 2 – July 31 Chapter writing
August 1 Author chapters due
Aug 1 – Sept 15 Author edits, book assembly
Sept 15 – Oct 31 Professional editing
Nov 1 Order proof copy; final call for corrections
Nov 25 (or earlier) Anthology goes LIVE