Palm and Lotus Publishing

Palm and Lotus is an independent, boutique publisher whose mission is to provide a professional and personalized experience to authors seeking a platform in the area of spirituality and consciousness exploration. Because we understand that the publishing process can be intimidating, expensive, and time consuming, our nurturing environment is particularly advantageous for first-time authors. Our goal at Palm and Lotus Publishing is to help authors create a stunning book at minimal cost, while allowing them to retain creative control over their work. To that end, Palm and Lotus:

  • Accepts unsolicited and un-agented manuscripts
  • Collaborates with authors on cover and interior design
  • Strives to produce a finished product within six months after the contractual agreement
  • Offers two publishing options: contractual (three-year contract with no upfront fee) or consultative (one-time payment for services with no contractual obligation)

Palm and Lotus accepts both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts suitable for all age groups. Submissions must be polished (content edited, line edited, and copyedited); however, all manuscripts are given a final proof-reading before publishing. For more information on the types of book editing, click here.

ALL manuscripts published by Palm and Lotus, whether contractual or consultative will receive:

  • Pre-print interior formatting
  • Superior cover design for paperback and e-book
  • Final proof-reading
  • ISBN
  • Publication of print-on-demand paperback and e-book
  • Limited social media marketing

Does Palm and Lotus seem like a good fit for your project? If so, please use the contact form below for questions and submissions.