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The true origin of humanity has been hidden. It is time, now, for that knowledge to be revealed. Through in-depth conversations with our galactic ancestors, author Allison Brown takes us on a deep dive into the most ambitious, multidimensional project ever attempted—the creation of the human race. In fascinating detail, the Twelve Source Clusters unravel the mysteries of our DNA, the galactic wars, disclosure, ascension, and more. Within these pages lies an extraordinary account of humanity’s lineage, the complex hybridization process that nearly derailed the mission, and the overwhelming love that holds the universe together.

The Origin Story is a love story.

The Origin Story is our story.


In Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom, author Allison Brown offers us an extraordinary glimpse into the innermost thoughts and feelings of a host of incredible animals, from dogs and cats, to horses, goats, honeybees, snakes, dolphins, elephants, and many more! Through her husband, Will, a psychic medium and trance channel, Allison has conversed with animals of all kinds, both large and small, revered and rebuked. You’ll be amazed how the voice of the animal kingdom comes alive as you read the excerpts and transcripts of these astonishing conversations, their words warming your heart like little love notes for your soul.

2022 International Book Awards Winner: Animals/Pets Narrative Nonfiction

2022 International Book Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets General

2022 American Writing Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets General

16th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist: Animals/Pets




“The Journey Within” serves as the quintessential reference guide for spiritual seekers; ideal for those ready to delve into fourteen fascinating spiritual topics that were once considered taboo. Author Allison Brown shares her personally inspiring account of spiritual growth and reconciliation, encouraging others to dismantle fear-based roadblocks that inhibit an authentic search for Truth. Throughout The Journey Within, readers will discover valuable tools for strengthening and personalizing their relationship to God.



Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment……the day you reveal and heal the ancient memories you carry.

The world of ancestral healing opens up possibilities for mind, body, soul, and spirit wellness you’ve never imagined. The Ancestors Within offers a collection of life-changing experts’ stories and practical tools in the field of ancestral healing so you can understand what’s possible and experience improved health, wealth, and happiness.

Feeling stuck in negative, repetitive physical, mental, or emotional patterns? What if your ancestors held the keys to relief? This book not only shows you the path, it will open your eyes to exactly how to access the knowledge, wisdom, and ancient medicine waiting for you. The tools here go beyond DNA analysis. Get ready to take a journey and discover the answers to the questions you’ve been asking for a lifetime.



About The Author


Dr. Allison Brown is an award-winning author, educator, and quantum healer. Her first book, The Journey Within: A Christian’s Guide to 14 Non-traditional Spiritual Practices, is an inspiring and courageous account of her search for reconciliation between a newfound spirituality and her traditional Christian upbringing. Her second book, a collaborative effort entitled The Ancestor’s Within: Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, offers a wide-range of heart-centered stories and actionable practices for those seeking ancestral healing or connection. Allison’s third book, Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom provides heart-warming excerpts and transcripts of conversations with a wide variety of amazing animals! Her newest release, The Origin Story: Rediscovering Our Galactic Ancestors, describes the foundation of our galaxy, Earth, and the human race.

As a Reiki Master Teacher and a Quantum Healing Practitioner, Allison employs a spiritual hypnosis modality called Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). Holding a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate in educational leadership, Allison’s use of metaphysical practices within a framework of traditional counseling gives her the unique ability to gently uncover and address her clients’ underlying issues.

In addition to being a syndicated contributor to the Good Men Project online magazine, Allison’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Focus on Fabulous, Natural Awakenings, and Heart and Humanity. She has been a twice-featured guest on award-winning author Debra Moffitt’s Unity Online radio program, Divinely Inspired Living, as well as many other podcasts.

Allison and her husband, Will, both veterans, founded Reiki for Vets (RFV), a VA-sponsored non-profit that operates free Reiki clinics for veterans and their spouses at seven VA clinics in three states. RFV has been featured in Natural Awakenings magazine, the BootsOff Podcast, and most recently, on Sister Dr. Jenna’s America Meditating Radio program, a syndicated show with over one million archived listeners in 90 countries.

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