A private channeling or Beyond Quantum Healing session can provide a wealth of insight and healing. In fact, sometimes these sessions are so dense with information that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed…wondering how to prioritize all this new knowledge. Perhaps you are struggling to determine your next steps and how to integrate all that you’ve discovered.

Don’t go it alone! This first stage of your new journey is the most critical. Rather than suffer from “analysis paralysis,” it can be beneficial to work with a compassionate, knowledgeable practitioner who will guide you through the integration process. Someone who can help you unpack difficult concepts and identify the most significant pieces.

In this Integration and Support session, Will and Allison will use their experience, knowledge, and intuition to help you prioritize your next steps, resolve confusion, and answer any questions you may have after your session. We recommend waiting at least one week (and preferably not longer than 30 days) post-session to schedule your integration conference. Clients will be expected to have listened to the original session recording at least once and come prepared with notes or questions. Sessions will take place via Zoom. (This is not a second channeling session – both Will and Allison will remain in a conscious but open state.)