* NEW DATE. * Call Sign Horsemen Fundraiser ~ Thursday October 20th ~ 7-8pm

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Call Sign Horsemen fundraiser is a donation based event via Zoom.

(Charleston SC Locals Can Join Us In-person At The Treehouse)

Once your donation has been received you will be provided a Zoom meeting invite to the email you have provided during the checkout process.

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Join us live from The Treehouse for a conversation with two of the therapy horses from Call Sign Horsemen! Will Brown, a trance channel, will bring forth the energy of Mytic and Gunnar to hear first-hand how they feel about being in service to the disabled veterans they work with. Listen in as we delve into the horses’ lives, personalities, likes, and dislikes, and much more!

All proceeds will go directly to the Call Sign Horsemen organization and will be utilized for their growth and expansion in order to serve even more veterans. Will and Allison, as veterans themselves, were drawn to assist this amazing program. Please help us give back by donating generously and joining us for this unique event!


About Call Sign Horsemen

Call Sign Horsemen provides Equine therapeutic experience to military veterans in the state of South Carolina. Since starting this program in 2019, Call Sign Horsemen has served individuals with multiple neuro-degenerative diseases, amputations, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.

Motivated by contact with the horse, veterans engage in riding, grooming, leading, tacking, lunging and feeding. These activities encourage physical movements that stretch and strengthen muscles and promote self-confidence in an exciting, outdoor environment. The horse’s movement builds core strength, increases circulation and has a positive effect on vital organs. Participating veterans, their children, therapists and family members have all given positive feedback about the Call Sign Horsemen experience. This is one of very few outdoor recreational therapies available in the area that is physically beneficial, teaches new skills and builds confidence. We partner veterans with horses to bring a unique approach to emotional and relationship healing. By observing and interacting with horses, veterans engage in activities that teach mindfulness, regulation, and healthy communication.

How many veterans do we serve: We currently can serve about 20 a month but once we have more land, allowing us to have more horses we can help up to 100 veterans a month.

Why did we start this: When Jeremy was medically discharged in 2016, he had a hard time transitioning into normal life from being a Marine Scout Sniper. After we met in 2018, I introduced him to horses. The healing that took place between the veteran and the horse was undeniable. This began our dream of finding a way to help other veterans through the healing power of horses.

Why horses: horses are prey animals, they sense moods, anxiety, anger and many other emotions that can be emitted by the veteran. So, when the veteran isn’t being honest with themselves, the horse has a way of letting them know they haven’t reached a solution yet.


Our horses:

Carson is a solid black percheron who is a retired carriage horse. He enjoys being brushed, having long conversations and treats.

Gunnar is a grey percheron that has a grumpy old man personality with a little Eeyore mixed in. He enjoys his daily hose down session followed by a nap.

Mystic is a spotted draft percheron that has a puppy dog personality. He loves playing with his toys, tugging on the water hose, learning new tricks and neck scratches.



Instagram is @callsignhorsemen

Twitter is @CSHorsemen




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