Discovering Your Cosmic Connection Workshop

Sat. April 27th ~ 2pm-9pm

$249 ($229 early bird pricing through March 31st)

Have you ever looked up at the night sky, at the twinkling stars, and felt that your true home was somewhere out there? Do you have a deep knowing that there is WAY more to life than just what you perceive through your five senses? Perhaps you consider yourself a Starseed, understanding that you play a critical role in humanity’s impending Ascension. Or, maybe you’re simply curious about the ever-increasing phenomena of UFO sightings and talk of Disclosure.

If you found yourself nodding yes to any of those questions, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU! Through guided group meditation, creative arts, channeling, and light body work, this full-day event will offer you a greater understanding of your own multi-dimensionality, connect you with fellow tribe/soul family members, and facilitate a heart-centered openness that will jumpstart your ascension mission.

During this intimate and experiential event, you will:

  • Understand humanity’s galactic ancestry
  • Meet YOUR galactic family
  • Discover which Starseed clusters align with your DNA in this lifetime
  • Learn how to communicate with the galactics more clearly
  • Utilize Dr. Steven Greer’s protocol to make contact with a UFO at nightfall

Each participant will receive a FREE copy of The Origin Story: Rediscovering Our Galactic Ancestors by Dr. Allison Brown, which is infused with downloads and transmissions from the 12 Starseed Source Clusters and offers 12 unique Light Language sigils designed for connection with each of your galactic ancestors. Participants will also receive and activate their very own Sodalite crystal, which is known for facilitating contact with higher dimensional guides and attuning to one’s star family. A healthy and delicious gluten-free/vegan dinner is included!! (An after-dinner snack will also be provided although it may not be gluten-free or vegan.)

The Cosmic Connection Workshop will include a:

  • Channeled group message and personalized DNA alignments for each participant
  • Hardcopy of The Origin Story: Rediscovering Our Galactic Ancestors
  • Delicious dinner and dessert snack
  • Personal Sodalite crystal, activated during the workshop
  • Creative Art Project
  • Group meditative experience of Dr. Steven Greer’s UFO contact protocol

Participants will sit or lie down during the events of the workshop. Please dress comfortably and bring anything that will make your experience more comfortable, such as a cushioned yoga mat, eye mask, water, blanket, or pillow. (The Treehouse has a limited number of bolsters, blankets, and basic yoga mats.) Please also bring a journal and pen to record your experience.

Weather permitting, the UFO contact experience will take place at night, outside – please dress accordingly. In addition, Dr. Greer suggests that each participant bring:

  • A small, powerful flashlight with a full battery
  • Laser pointers – optional but useful for pointing out objects in the sky
  • Blanket or lawn chair to sit or lie down during the observation
  • Recording devices, such as cameras, audio recorders, or notebooks to document any sightings or experiences.

*Important note for the mobility-impaired: The Treehouse is located on the second floor, accessible by way of stairs – there is no elevator access for this event.


 Meet your facilitators:

Judy Buchanan is a multidimensional energy medicine practitioner, certified yoga teacher, Unbeatable Mind coach and resiliency instructor. Judy’s passion is to empower others to transform and jumpstart their innate ability to self heal.


William (Will) Brown is a psychic-medium, trance channel, and Reiki Master. With the support of his guides, who call themselves The Collective, Will has been blessed to assist folks from all across the world.


Dr. Allison Brown is an award-winning author, Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer. Allison’s use of metaphysical practices within a framework of traditional counseling gives her the unique ability to gently uncover and address her clients’ underlying issues.