2 Mediums One Evening of Spirit Communication~ May 20th ~ 7-9pm


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Join Will & Priscilla as they will work together to bring you an evening of Spirit Communication.

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Join Will & Priscilla as they work together to bring you an evening of Spirit Communication, an opportunity to witness mediumship and receive loving messages from loved ones in the Afterlife. In order to demystify mediumship and encourage our guests to believe that their own experiences with deceased loved ones are genuine, we’ll explain the process of receiving spirit evidence and messages periodically throughout the evening. There will be plenty of time for questions and validation in this upbeat, joyful, and entertaining event. We will do our best to bring a spirit through for everyone, but due to the size of the audience and limited time, we cannot guarantee that all will receive a message.


Your Mediums:

William (Will) Brown is a psychic medium and trance channel. Serving as a guinea pig during his wife’s Reiki training in 2014 reawakened the spirit connection Will sensed as a child but had been too busy to contemplate during his twenty-six years with the Unites States Coast Guard. Thanks to his team of guides, who call themselves The Collective, Will has rediscovered his passion and purpose as a healer, teacher, and messenger. Visit him online at William-Brown.com


Priscilla Keresey is recognized throughout the country as one of the most accurate, compassionate, and sought-after psychic mediums. In addition to bringing the physical and spiritual worlds together for individuals and groups, Priscilla teaches workshops on developing psychic ability and offers training for mediums in her message circles. Priscilla is the author of two books on mediumship: It Will All Make Sense When You’re Dead, Messages From Our Loved Ones In The Spirit World and Nobody Gets Out Of This Alive, More Messages From Our Loved Ones In The Spirit World. She also wrote the popular Live & Learn GuidesTM series, and is the author and producer of Live & Learn GuidesTM self-hypnosis audio files. Her latest books, The Self-Esteem Solution and R.I.S.E. & Shine, focus on recovering one’s inherent self-esteem as the foundation for a successful life. http://www.apracticalpsychic.com


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