Exploring Your Gifts ~ 4 Week Series

Exploring Your Gifts ~ 4 Week Series


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An introduction to Psychic Ability, Mediumship, and Channeling

January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

7pm – 9pm

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Do you have a desire to communicate with loved ones who have passed? Do you long to receive clear guidance from a higher consciousness? Perhaps you’d simply like to strengthen your spiritual gifts.

Join Will Brown for an exciting 4-week introduction to psychic ability, mediumship, and channeling. In this unique class, you will have the opportunity to sense human energy fields and auras, learn the difference between mediumship and channeling, and understand how a psychic reading differs from a mediumship reading. You’ll learn by doing and will be able to practice your skills in a safe and intimate setting. By the end of the course, you’ll be amazed at your ability to connect with Spirit, and your confidence will skyrocket!

Will Brown is an experienced psychic, medium, and channel, who has worked with clients all over the world, bringing them messages of love, peace, hope, joy, and connection. After five remarkable years of training with his spiritual team, who call themselves The Collective, Will is now being guided to teach others how they can enjoy their own connection with Spirit!

This intimate, in-person class is priced at only $199 and will be limited to just 10 participants. Participants will meet each Wednesday in January (6th, 13th, 20th, 27th) from 7pm-9pm at The Treehouse in Moncks Corner.


William (Will) Brown, is a Psychic, Medium, Channel, and Reiki Master. Serving as a guinea pig during his wife’s Reiki training in 2014 reawakened the Spirit connection he had sensed throughout his childhood but had been too busy to contemplate during his 26 years with the Coast Guard. Will has since realized his passion and purpose as a healer, teacher, and messenger.

Holding a BA in Workforce Education and Development and a MS in Project Management, Will has worked in the start-up world since retiring from the Coast Guard in 2014. But in early 2018, a chance encounter with a QHHT practitioner put him in touch with his spiritual team, a group of loving Beings that call themselves The Collective. Since that time, Will has been bringing their messages of love to folks all over the world.

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