Sacred Cacao Ceremony ~ Hosted By Marc Barrie & Cindy Rich Will Be Held Quarterly. Dates To Remember: January 13, April 13, July 13, and October 12

We will be serving ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala. This is not the same as what you might experience in chocolate or even the organic powder purchased in a health food store. Beans are picked, fermented, sorted, selected, and lovingly prepared by hand to insure the maximum potency and integrity. Cacao, when prepared this way with minimal processing, is a healing and heart opening drink with a long history of use by indigenous cultures dating back thousands of years.

Our ceremony will be centered around opening our hearts, connecting to Spirit, sharing our intentions, and shamanic practices. There will be a guided meditation and journey, drumming and rattling, a voiced chakra clearing, and we will share some ceremonial songs with you inspired by Spirit. There will be time for sharing and some individual healing work will be offered as time permits and Spirit moves.

Afterwards there will be some snacks and community time.

What to bring:
– a frame drum or rattle (we have a few extras available)
– a sacred object for blessing to place on the altar during ceremony (mala beads, crystal or stone, photo of loved one,
oracle cards, or such)
– journal and pen for capturing thoughts and inspiration

Health precautions:
– We recommend not drinking cacao if you are taking high dose antidepressants or if you have a heart condition.



Marc has been teaching yoga for many years. He is trained in Reiki and practices energy and light healing. He has travelled and studied indigenous shamanic wisdom over the past eight years in both Ecuador and Peru and carries the wisdom and songs of plant medicine. Marc has been studying core shamanism for the past few years incorporating shamanic journeying and animal wisdom into his practice. Holding space and creating safe ceremonial spaces is his gift to our community. Marc also provides compassionate listening and healing to seekers.
As Marc lives life with a heart wide open, he is drawn to cacao and its heart healing properties. Marc has been studying with a group of cacao practitioners whose intention is to expand love on the planet by offering cacao ceremonies.

Cindy has been called as a healer and trainer in shamanism for nearly 30 years. She has studied with and was mentored by Shamanic practitioners from South America, Europe and Mongolia. Cindy is trained in both the practice and teaching of the shamanic path and healing. She is also Reiki trained and has been a lightworker since childhood. Cindy’s strongest gifts are in the healing of the heart and mind, but she has been called to step into more shamanic teaching over the past few years. Her gifts include helping others call spiritual guides, physical and mental healing, soul retrieval, psychopomp work and teaching others how to journey across the veil. She is naturally connected to cacao as it is also connected to opening and healing of the heart.