What to expect during this session?

This session is addressed to anyone who experienced cancer or has a close relative -parent, child or spouse- that manifested the illness. We will clear the vibration of cancer from the physical, mental and emotional bodies, understand the thoughts and emotions that created and we will work on the genes that carry the cancer.

For people who had cancer we will clear and balance the affected organ(s), disconnect from the energy of doctors, hospitals, drugs, procedures (surgeries, chemo, radiation).

If there is still someone under cancer treatment we will connect on a soul level with the most aligned doctors or healers, methods or treatment and call the most aligned divine helpers.

What is Light Language?

Light Language or Love language is a soul-based, conceptual form of communication from the divine that addresses directly to your heart, soul and body at the DNA level and it bypasses the logic centers of the brain that we’re accustomed to using. Light Language is an energetic transmission and can be channeled through words, sounds, tones, colors, movements, gestures, shapes. It is accessed with an open heart and allowed to flow based on your intention and under the guidance of your Higher Self and guides. It is a form of channeling in which you are allowing the divine to speak through your and to you.


Your Facilitator:

Maria Fink is a multidimensional healer that helps people unlock blockages on four levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She is a Blue Ray Feline Sirian Starseed who uses her clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts to improve her life and the lives of others.

She studied various healing techniques, among which Theta Healing, Past Life Regressions and Hypnosis turned out to be the most potent at that time as they opened her up to a whole new level of understanding and integrating the multidimensionality of everything that we are.

After a profound heart-opening experience, she spontaneously started speaking Light Language at the beginning of 2020 and now she is working with several groups of divine beings and galactic races, such as the Sirians, Hathors, Pleiadians, Mantis and Andromendans, supporting people to clear trauma, remove stuck energy, dark implants, vows, promises, imprints of rituals and so on.

Born in Romania, Maria lived most of her life in a communist and post-communist developing country and believes that has helped her be more compassionate and understanding of other’s emotions and hardships. She is firmly convinced that everyone has the capacity to break the cycle of patterns and suffering, move beyond the illusion of limitation and the many stories we’ve come to identify ourselves with and leap into the flow of life.