Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom

Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom



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In Love Notes from the Animal Kingdom, author Allison Brown offers us an extraordinary glimpse into the innermost thoughts and feelings of a host of incredible animals, from dogs and cats, to horses, goats, honeybees, snakes, dolphins, elephants, and many more! Through her husband, Will, a psychic medium and trance channel, Allison has conversed with animals of all kinds, both large and small, revered and rebuked. You’ll be amazed how the voice of the animal kingdom comes alive as you read the excerpts and transcripts of these astonishing conversations, their words warming your heart like little love notes for your soul.

About The Author

Allison Brown, EdD is a counselor, Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer.  In 2014, her search for reconciliation between a newfound spirituality and her traditional Christian upbringing led her on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Allison endeavors to share those lessons and insights with others who are on their own journey of awakening.


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