This extraordinary opportunity connects you directly with your Higher Self and/or guides – Will serves as a surrogate, using his own voice to communicate profound messages and healing. A private channeling session is particularly helpful for those who have had difficulty connecting on their own, through a traditional past life regression modality, such as QHHT, LBL, or BQH.

Clients will receive soul-level wisdom and insight about specific topics of concern, such as relationships, career, life purpose, ancestral healing, health, past lives, galactic connections, and more. Each session is a powerful, unforgettable experience!

Sessions may take place in-person or online, via Zoom. Please prepare a list of questions or topics you would like to explore. While Will readies himself for the trance state, Allison will take time to clarify your concerns and explain the process. After the channeling, there will be time to debrief together. Please allow for a total session time of 90 minutes. The recorded session will be emailed to you.