Will’s readings are unique in that they draw from all of his abilities, as both a Psychic Medium and a Clear Channel. In other words, based on the client’s needs, information during the session might be provided through the client’s own energy field (psychically), friends or family members on the other side (mediumistically), or Will’s own spiritual team, who call themselves the Collective (consciously channeling). Being able to draw upon all three modalities is advantageous for the client, because it allows information to flow from the source that can provide the most thorough answer.

During a session with Will, clients may seek answers to specific questions or concerns, or they may simply desire spiritual advice that will enable them to live their best lives. Either way, the guidance that comes through is unique to each client! Occasionally, information is provided that doesn’t resonate at that moment but proves accurate days or weeks later. Therefore, clients are encouraged to record and/or take notes during the session.