Suggested Donation: $20 – $30

Awakening Higher States of Consciousness

Take an energy bath in the reverential music of the harmonium, and empower your meditations.

Quicken your spiritual evolution and seek the Truth of your being. We gather together to invoke an experience of the soul through music, mantra and inspirational talk. These spiritual practices are designed to enhance our meditations through a mystical transmission.

Satsang means “association with higher Truth.” In these sacred gatherings, Brian speaks about the nature of Truth and Love, and he recounts his amazing adventures as a monk and renunciant. He tells ancient tales about the mystical lives of saints. He holds a transformative space to bring the mind into deeper states of meditation. He plays harmonium and leads kirtan.


Twelve years ago, Brian, a wandering monk, renounced his former life and set out on the road to share the mystical path to Self-Realization. He has held hundreds of gatherings at spiritual centers, churches, and yoga studios all over the country. He is an inspirational speaker and a meditation teacher.

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Suggested Donation: $20 – $30