This is a 4 hour event and light breakfast snacks provided.


Do you struggle with codependence? Self-compassion? Perfectionism?

Would you like to trust your body and intuition more deeply?

Are your lower three chakras out of balance?

Is it difficult to distinguish between your emotional/spiritual energy and that of others?

If any or all of these are true for you, a Sologamy experience might just put you on a healing path with Self. As the name implies, Sologamy is a marriage to yourself.  What it represents, however, is the beginning of a more profound and enduring relationship with the whole of you.

The overarching goal of Sologamy is to enter into a commitment / covenant with yourself—with care and compassion—after exploring your authentic Self…your wants and needs. Sologamy involves embodied learning…examining the conditioned Self, much of which is a survival response. Through the process of Sologamy, you will:

  • Explore or re-learn the body’s language to itself, through mindful awareness of the body and guided imagery
  • Examine life experiences to discover unmet needs
  • Write vows based on this new knowledge
  • Participate in a final “ceremony”

Group follow-up sessions via zoom (about an hour each) will be offered to those who are interested, up to 8 sessions total.

What to bring:

The most important priority of this day is YOU.  I cannot stress this enough.  

For our work leading up to the ceremony, you’ll need:   

  1. Curiosity
  2. An intention of goodwill for yourself
  3. A sense of humor is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED 🙂
  4. A journal (or some way to keep track of what you discover)
  5. Comfortable clothes–we will be doing some very light movement

  For the actual ceremony, I encourage you to bring small things that are meaningful to you.  Consider:  

  1. Your guest list—photos or tokens of loved ones who would support you on your special day.
  2. What you will wear—plan this day not to impress or placate anyone else but you. Bring your unique style.
  3. Your “decor”—small items that represent your core essence.
  4. A playlist.
  5. Other items or ideas that would most truly represent and honor your Beloved (i.e., YOU!)

About your facilitator: 




Emily De Quattro is a neuro-experiential therapist, having worked in the helping professions for over 15 years. She brings her background in couples’ therapy, Brainspotting, and Internal Family Systems to allow for a powerful experience of connecting to your authentic self.