First time at The Treehouse!

SOUL MISSION Sonic Meditation

with special guest

Ian Morris &

Two Dates Only!

March 28th and 29th  7pm-9pm

You’ll Receive A FREE ALBUM

From Listening to Smile

SOUL MISSION Sonic Meditation will take you on a journey into the soul with Artist/founder Ian Morris. This event is a unique and powerful meditation experience, combining Frequency Minded Music™ with a guided meditation.

Frequency Minded Music™, coined by Ian Morris from Listening to Smile, is an innovative, sound-based therapeutic technique that delivers powerful healing and promotes deep relaxation. This expertly-curated music style features a range of sacred sounds, frequency pure tones, and powerfully enhanced binaural beats to create a profound sensory experience as the music moves through the body in the form of vibration.

This one-of-a-kind session will help you align with your intuitive guidance and connect more deeply with Self. During this immersive experience, you will access new levels of awareness and clarity, allowing for a deeper understanding of your unique path in life.

This unique and intimate 2-hour event provides a:

  • Guided meditation for tapping into your intuitive flow
  • 40-Minute Immersive Sound Experience
  • 30-Minute Personal Frequency Workshop
  • FREE frequency music album created by Listening to Smile

Participants will sit or lie down during this event. Please bring anything that will make your experience more comfortable, such as a cushioned yoga mat, eye mask, water, blanket, or pillow. (The Treehouse has a limited number of bolsters, blankets, and basic yoga mats.) Please also bring a journal and pen to record your experience.

Don’t miss out on this premier event intentionally curated to help you tap into your Higher Self!

*Important note for the mobility-impaired: The Treehouse is located on the second floor, accessible by way of stairs – there is no elevator access for this event.




lan Morris is the founder of Listening to Smile, the creator of the LTS Method, and Frequency Minded Music™. He is a renowned healer who has developed a unique approach to promoting wellness and self- discovery. The foundation of his methodology lies in Frequency Minded Music™ and The LTS Method, which combine healing frequencies and sounds to create a relaxing and stress-reducing experience. lan’s holistic approach to healing is widely recognized as innovative and inspiring in the field of sound healing and frequency wellness. His work has touched countless people around the world, helping them discover their own unique path towards health and happiness. This groundbreaking Frequency Minded Music™ methodology produced by Listening to Smile is currently being experienced by people in nine different countries around the world!

Combined with our specially-designed meditation, the Frequency Minded Music Experience becomes a visceral and Shamanic-like journey as it targets the energy centers within your body.



Falyn Hunter Morningstar stands as a stalwart advocate and creator of the Radiant Balance System, with a mission to empower women through the integration of mindful healing and functional diagnostic nutrition. Her approach to health and wellness is distinctively unconventional, blending her proficiency in somatic practices, meditation, and sonic therapies, courtesy of Listening to Smile, with a focus on movement, nutrition, and laboratory testing.

With this new holistic paradigm, she addresses both mental and physical aspects of health, guiding women on their journey to reclaim vitality and pleasure. Her unique fusion of wellness methodologies distinguishes her within the industry, offering a comprehensive and balanced pathway towards serenity and equilibrium.