Sound Bath~ Special Appearance by Billy Zanski ~ Saturday February 12th, 3pm-430pm


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Experience deep healing and peace through a 90 minute sound immersion utilizing an array of musical instruments from ancient cultures.

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Saturday Afternoon Sound Bath presented by Billy Zanski and assisted by Donna Dantzler.

During this 90-minute sound experience, Billy will invoke the healing frequency of drums, gongs, crystal bowls and the native American flute. He will be assisted by Donna, who will use the gift of her voice, offering native American songs, as well as melodies in Sanskrit and English.

Billy Zanski has been sharing his passion for the healing energy of sound for over 20 years. In 2004, he opened Skinny Beats Sound Shop located in downtown Asheville, where his sound healing work is centered around creating space for individuals to become still, and go inward, connecting with their unique rhythm.  Billy has also studied percussion extensively  in Guinea, West Africa, which deeply influences his musical expression.


Donna Dantzler has been a performing vocalist and percussionist for 20 years and had been offering sound immersion for relaxation, reflection and spiritual growth for the past two years. Donna is local to the Charleston area.



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