The surrogate healing session is an intense, highly individualized experience that involves Will (channeler), Allison (facilitator), and a third party who anchors the client’s energy, acting as the surrogate. Sessions typically last between 15-20 minutes, during which Will, while in a trance state, connects with the client’s Higher Self, scans the Akashic record for the origin and nuance of the issue, and then channels the appropriate energies for healing. These healing energies may come in the form of light language, chanting, or in English. Each session is personal and unique, as it is completely guided by the client’s Higher Self, in cooperation with The Collective. An audio recording of the session will be provided – listening to the recording can result in ongoing healing and insight.

Clients have the option to schedule and participate in their healing experience in one of three ways: in-person, online via Zoom, or by conscious permission. In-person and Zoom sessions will take longer to schedule, as it involves coordinating Will’s schedule with yours, perhaps across various time zones. If you need more immediate assistance, you may choose not to participate “live.” With your conscious permission, a session will be conducted for you and the recording will be sent via email. It is not necessary to divulge the nature of the healing you wish to receive, unless you so desire. Will needs only your name in order to connect with you.