The true origin of humanity has been hidden. It is time, now, for that knowledge to be revealed. Through in-depth conversations with our galactic ancestors, author Allison Brown takes us on a deep dive into the most ambitious, multidimensional project ever attempted—the creation of the human race. In fascinating detail, the Twelve Source Clusters unravel the mysteries of our DNA, the galactic wars, disclosure, ascension, and more. Within these pages lies an extraordinary account of humanity’s lineage, the complex hybridization process that nearly derailed the mission, and the overwhelming love that holds the universe together. The Origin Story is a love story. The Origin Story is our story.

“For it is the humanity upon this planet that is observed by many. It is held in high regard. Your existence is purposeful. It is why this universe has been created. This is your place. This is your existence.” ~ Arcturian Source Cluster


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About The Author

Allison Brown, EdD is a counselor, Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer.  In 2014, her search for reconciliation between a newfound spirituality and her traditional Christian upbringing led her on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Allison endeavors to share those lessons and insights with others who are on their own journey of awakening.