Pet Channeling Session

Pet Channeling Session

Communication on another level

Pet Channeling Session: 30 minutes, $125

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say if given the chance?

Is your pet engaging in a persistent behavioral issue?

Are you faced with a challenging end-of-life decision?

Perhaps you simply long to hear your pet express their love and gratitude.

These are just a few of the many reasons you might consider a pet channeling session. During this remarkable experience, pet parents have the opportunity to communicate directly with the higher self of their beloved animal. Hear them speak to you in their own voice, and watch their personality shine through, as they provide answers to your most pressing questions. A pet channeling can be remarkably healing and heart-warming. Be prepared for tears but also for joy and laughter.

Prior to your session, please provide your pet’s name and a photo. Will uses that information to connect with your pet prior to the channeling. You’ll also want prepare a list of questions to be asked during the session. You may speak with up to two pets during your 30 minute session. Sessions can be held in person, via Zoom, or in your absence – in all cases, an audio recording will be provided via email.